Employee Call-Off Hotline

Say “goodbye” to time-consuming attendance management and reporting headaches. Say “hello” to our employee call-off line and automated attendance tracking solutions.

CMS is a leading provider of 24/7 employee call-off hotlines that help companies improve how they document, monitor, respond to, and report on employee absences and attendance.

  • Employee Call-In/Call-Out Service

  • 24/7 Hotline Availability
  • Live Operator or Automated

  • 100% Customizable
  • HRIS Software Integration
  • Employee/Department Processes
  • E-mail, Text, and Web Notifications
  • Online Dashboard w/ Tiered Access
  • Historical Call Reports and Metrics
  • Point Tracking
  • Automated Warnings
  • Access to Call Recordings

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How Does an Employee Call-Off System Work?

A Dedicated Call-Off Line For Your Employees

An employee call-off hotline works by providing a dedicated telephone number that your employees use to report deviations from their work schedule. This system can utilize live operators or be fully automated and is configured to collect pertinent information on each call, including the employee name, shift, whether they’ll be tardy or absent, the reason, and any additional details you desire.

Document, Track, and Report On Employee Attendance

It’s important to know when employees are arriving late or calling off work, and why. When an employee is absent, it doesn’t just affect that individual. It affects the entire company. An Employee Call-Off Hotline from CMS is more than just a phone number — it is a comprehensive suite of integrated tools and services designed to streamline employee attendance management.

From notifying the correct managers to automatically filling shifts, tracking employee points, and providing real-time reporting, our call-off service has everything you need to monitor and manage employee attendance.

Call center agent taking calls for a doctor's office

Employee Call-Off System Features

  • 24/7 attendance hotline
  • Online employer dashboard

  • Online employee portal

  • Historical attendance data

  • Attendance reporting & analytics

  • Automated warnings

  • Point tracking

  • FMLA processes

  • Custom call metric reports

  • Department-specific processes, including shift, location, and reason for absence
  • Access to call recordings

  • Email, SMS, and online notifications

  • Live & automated hotline solutions

  • Work assignment and shift backfill

  • Automated document generation (e.g., disciplinary forms)

  • Critical employee alerts

  • HRIS & personnel management software integration

  • Multilingual capabilities

Why Do I Need an Employee Call-Off System?

Managers looking at attendance reports and planning shifts around call-off data

Prevent Work Stoppage

Many supervisors and managers are busy with their own daily tasks and cannot take every phone call. Just one employee calling off can cause a work stoppage or dangerous working conditions for a whole department or production line.

With a centralized attendance hotline, CMS can instantly inform any personnel or department of each call-off or reported tardy including supervisors, managers, payroll, and HR. Instant notification keeps everyone up-to-date on who should be at work that day. This helps prevent any possible downtime or work stoppage by giving management enough time to rearrange staff or bring in a replacement.

Don’t Set Your Company up for an Employment Dispute

The CMS employee call-off line allows your organization to track and record each employee call-off through one central location. Every call is recorded, time-stamped, databased, and issued a call-off number as each employee reports off, making sure that there is an accurate record of each call. These reports are completely customizable and can include any information that you require.

Simplify the Attendance Tracking Process

Your employees can reach a live operator to assist them for every call-off at any time of day. There is never a question of who they need to call or speak with. It will always be the same number.

Work Assignment, Backfill, & Shift Fill

CMS offers your organization the feature of delegating work assignments for temporary employees or those who work on different projects. Instead of interrupting the work of your employees, conveniently have them call in to find their work assignment. Our system can also assist with automatically initiating backfilling processes to replace absent workers as quickly as possible.

Enhanced Attendance Tracking, Reporting, & Automation

Our call-off service is a complete system for recording absences, monitoring call-offs, analyzing data, streamlining notifications, and delivering enhanced business process optimization. With our centralized attendance tracking system, absences reported through your call-off hotline can automatically trigger notifications and workflow processes, such as contacting shift replacements and updating the employee’s attendance record in your HRIS system. A web-based dashboard provides both managers and employees with an easy-to-use tool for monitoring attendance data. 

Employee Call-Off Line Attendance Reporting Dashboard